Pelican Holdings Group has acquired Kerrigan-Lewis Wire Products, based in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

December 29th, 2015, Naples, Florida, USA:  Pelican Holdings Group is pleased to announce it has acquired Kerrigan-Lewis Wire Products, based in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

“The addition of Kerrigan-Lewis to our collection of specialty wire manufacturers was a perfect opportunity to expand into another niche area of the wire and cable industry” said Ted Bill, CEO of Pelican Holdings Group.  “When we founded Pelican Holdings in 2014 this is exactly the type of investment that we were looking to make.”

Kerrigan-Lewis joins Pelican Wire Company of Naples, Florida, and Rubadue Wire of Greeley, Colorado under the Pelican Holdings Group umbrella.  “I’m pleased to be bringing these strong American manufacturing companies together”, said Ted.

Naples, Florida based Pelican Wire Company is a custom manufacturer of wire and cable products used for electrical heating and temperature measurement.  Specializing in resistance wire, thermocouple wire, and custom wire, Pelican has the capabilities to deliver on any wire and cable need.

Greeley, Colorado based Rubadue Wire is a pioneer in the wire and cable industry having created the world’s first triple insulated wire and developed the self-bonding fluoropolymer product line known as COILBOND.  The Company has since expanded into a variety of multi-layer insulated wires and other value-added solutions in the wire and cable industry.

Chicago, Illinois based Kerrigan-Lewis is a pioneer in the manufacture of Litz wire used for high frequency electrical applications.  They are well known for their quality Litz products, including served yarn and nylon insulations.

Naples, Florida based Pelican Holdings Group was founded by the Pelican Wire Company to invest in specialized manufacturing companies that service a niche in the wire and cable industry.  Pelican Holdings Group is a 100% employee owned company dedicated to driving shareholder value.

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