Stranded Resistance Wire

Pelican Wire bunches multiple strands of resistance wire to meet any customer requirement with both quality and precision. Our machines are capable of stranding from 2 to 19+ strands of wire as small as 45 AWG (0.00175″). Our standard resistance tolerance is +/- 5%. Tighter resistance tolerances can be requested. Order Online Get a Quote

Ribbon Wire

Pelican Wire carries a variety of ribbon resistance wire with an extensive range of widths, thicknesses and alloys. The largest difference between round wire and ribbon wire is the amount of surface area of the wire for a given volume. Some advantages of using ribbon wire over round wire is that the shape makes the… Read More »

High Temperature Heating Wire

Pelican Wire offers custom high temperature heating wire to meet any customer requirement with both quality and precision. We offer a variety of alloys with operating temperatures as high as 1290°C. These alloys can be used in single wire, multiple strand, or glass core heater constructions. Our high temperature wire insulations range from 260°C- rated… Read More »

Glass Core Heating Wire

Glass core heating wire is manufactured by helically winding a single strand or multiple strands of resistance wire around a fiberglass cord. Any resistance wire from our selection of alloys can be used as the conductor. We stock a variety of sizes and styles of glass cord. Once wound, this heating wire may be used… Read More »