Resistance Wire

Pelican Wire specializes in custom heating wire constructions. Our team of engineers have the ability to customize products to meet your precise resistance requirements. Combine this custom engineering with our lean manufacturing processes and wide variety of insulations and we can construct the perfect wire for your application.

What is Resistance Wire?

Resistance wire is a special type of electrical wire used to generate heat. The wire resists the flow of electricity, and by doing so converts the electrical energy into heat. Applications for resistance wire include heated hoses, heated seats, freeze protection, leak detection, composite curing and many more.

Pelican Wire has a large stock of alloys including Nichrome 60, Nichrome 80, Alloy 875, Alloy 815, Midohm, Manganin, Advance, Evanohm, Balco, Alloy 90, Alloy 60, and Alloy 30. Nichrome is the most commonly used family of alloys, it is used in electric heating elements because of its high resistivity, durability, corrosion resistance, and high melting point of 1,400oC.

Alloy Trade Name Cross Reference

Pelican Wire Alloy Wire Carpenter Harrison Alloys Hoskins Isabellenhutte Jelliff Sandvik/Kanthal
Copper (Alloy 10)
Alloy 30 AWS-30 30 Alloy Alloy 30 Legierung 30 Alloy 30 Cuprothal 30
Nickel 200 (Alloy 57) Nickel 200 651 Alloy Rein-Nickel Nickel 200 Nickel 200
Alloy 60 AWS-60 60 Alloy Lohm Legierung 60 Alloy 60 Cuprothal 60
Alloy 90 AWS-90 90 Alloy Alloy 95 Legierung 90 Alloy 90 Cuprothal 90
Balco (Alloy 120) AWS-120 Balco Hytemco Resistherm Kanthal 70
Midohm (Alloy 180 ) AWS-180 180 Alloy Midohm Isaein Alloy 180 Cuprothal 180
Manganin (Alloy 290)
Advance (Alloy 294) AWS-300 Cupron Advance Copel Isotan Alloy 45 Cuprothal 294
Stainless Steel (Alloy 433)
Nichrome 80 (Alloy 650) AWS-650 Tophet A Nicrhome 80 Chromel A Isa-Chrom 80 Alloy A Nicrothal 8
Nichrome 60 (Alloy 675) AWS-675 Tophet C Nicrhome 60 Chromel C Isa-Chrom 60 Alloy C Nicrothal 6
Evanohm (Alloy 800) AWS-800 Evanohm Karma Chromel R Isaohm Alloy 800 Nicrothal LX
Alloy 815 AWS-825 Alchrome D Alloy 815/835 Alloy K Kanthal D
Alloy 875 Alloy 875 Kanthal A-1

Help Us Help You
If you are not sure what resistance rating you are trying to achieve, please provide us with the following information about your application:

  1. The length of the heater
  2.  Two of the following variables:
    • Amperage
    • Wattage
    • Voltage


    electrical resistance formula

    Formula and Conversion 

    If you provide our sales team with the information above we will be able recommend a product that will best match your application. Pelican Wire also offers reasonable minimum orders for custom designed products. For small spools of bare or insulated wire we recommend you visit our web store to view our current inventory. 

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